Quantum Disaster
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Quantum Disaster will contain: 

– Alcohol consumption – Smoking – Violence ( fights, blood, bruises, etc ) –
– Vulgar language – Nudity – Explicit content –

Thank you for taking note of this before reading the comic!

1 - What day(s) of the week will the new page(s) be uploaded exactly, and how many?

I can’t predict how much i’ll be able to do in a week, and at this point in time I still have to work on the side to be able to sustain myself. So for now, there’s gonna be one page uploaded per week for sure, but I can’t say what day. Once the Patreon pledges permit me to be more comfortable, I could get to 2 pages per week for sure and maybe more.

2 - How will we know when a new page is up if there is no clear schedule for it?

I’ll be posting links to the new pages on TwitterFacebook & Tumblr every time they get uploaded! Another option would be to bookmark the website and check it whenever you feel like it :).

3 - How is Quantum Disaster created?

It’s an all-traditional comic. The lineart is drawn with ink, then everything is painted with watercolors. The speech bubbles are also written in ink (that’s why they can be a bit wonky at times, sorry!). All the pages are then scanned, cleaned-up digitally, and uploaded.

4 - How long will this story take to be completed?

I have no clue. I’ve been working on this story for years and years, and all I know is that it’s gonna be a little while until you all can see the end of it. Multiple volumes have been planned out.

5 - Will you eventually publish Quantum Disaster and/or make physical copies of it?

Yes! It’s in the plans. Ideally I’d like to find a publisher for it once the first volume is completed, but if I can’t manage to get it published that way, I’ll go ahead and self-publish it online myself 🙂 (There is a Patreon Goal for that scenario!) here.

6- Are you ever going to translate Quantum Disaster in other languages?/ Traduiras-tu Quantum Disaster dans d'autres langues?

I was always planning on doing a French version as well, but halfway into building the website my web- designer and I realized it would be too much work for us at our current work-pace. Hopefully the more pledges I get on Patreon, the more time and means I’ll get to either translate it myself (in French), or hire people to translate it and edit it in other languages.

J’avais toujours prévu de faire une version Française aussi, mais pendant la construction du site nous (mon web designer & moi même) avons réalisé que ça serais bien trop de travail d’un coup, et qu’on aurais surement pas le temps de refaire une 2nd version du site ou des pages elles-même. Si je récolte assez sur Patreon, j’espère pouvoir enfin avoir assez de temps et de moyens pour traduire ça moi-même (en Français), ou engager des traducteurs/éditeurs pour d’autres langues.

"Patreon" related questions:

PSA: Every single answers to these questions are already available on my Patreon page.

1- Do rewards pile up?

Yes! If you pledge more than $1, you’ll get all the previous tiers’ rewards as well as the one(s) offered by your current pledge.

2- I can't keep giving money monthly/it makes me anxious/I don't trust these kinds of websites. Is there any other options to support you and Quantum Disaster ?

Yes, I know how stressful monthly donations can be, so I do accept Paypal donations if you’d prefer to help as a one off! I couldn’t figure out a way to make a button for it, but my Paypal email is : Maryne-Art@hotmail.fr money aside, reading the comic, leaving comments on the website, and sharing it/talking about it on social media is also a great way to help out! :D.

3- Does the $15 tier commission reward carry out every months for those who pledge to it monthly?

No, this is a one-off reward! There is a restricted number of spots for it, because I wouldn’t have time to get too many done every months. Once people pledging to the $15 tier get their commission reward, they are welcome to unpledge so someone else can grab a spot the following month. Keeping the spot for multiple months is okay too of course, but the commission reward will only apply on the first month of pledging.

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