Story summary :

Two vastly different girls newly working in the same tabletop game cafe (The Goblin’s Lair) seem to share a mysterious destiny as other versions of themselves start appearing in their dreams, and their lives. As well as these doppelgängers, other strange and much more dangerous entities suddenly start seeping into their World, leaving them to wonder: ‘Why them? Why now? And especially, how?!’. Begrudgingly, they have to join forces to uncover that mystery and protect themselves -as well as their friends and their town- from these worrying phenomenons.


Maëlys (Maël)

27 years old. 174cm. Leo. Lives alone in an old little house/appartement. Works at the Goblin’s Lair and is the newest employee there. She has her head in the clouds most of the time and is often late to work as a result. Ever the optimist, she radiates joy and energy to get things done or learn something new. Everyone often excuses her airheadedness (and worrying and mysterious habit of getting to work freshly bruised and bloodied) for that very reason. Everyone except Eve.

Évelyne ( Eve )

28 years old. 170cm. Aries. Lives alone in a garage that’s closed-for-business. Works at the Goblin’s Lair. She has a cold and grumpy exterior, but is actually very work-driven, attentive and always ready to get her hands dirty if needed. Doesn’t mean she won’t complain the whole way through, though. Ravi’s best friend. Maël’s disregard for rules and other people gets on her nerves, and she doesn’t shy away from saying what she thinks.



28 years old. 191cm. Pisces. Roommates with Sol. Works at the Goblin’s Lair, mainly in the cafe section. While being somewhat shy at times with people he doesn’t know, his warm personality is perfect for customer service and his coworkers’ moral. Eve’s best friend: they both found this job together when Sol mentioned the store needed new employees.

Solen (Sol)

26 years old. 169cm. Aquarius. Lives with Ravi in a cozy apartment. He is the manager of the Goblin’s Lair, he started working there at its opening with Ravi & Eve. Kind of aloof. It’s hard to picture him being the « boss » of anything, but his easy-going and relaxed ways don’t seem to cost him his coworkers’ respect. He can be severe and almost scary when he has to, but it’s too much effort and not his preferred way of getting things done.



27 years old. 182cm. Taurus. Comes from the Island of Motupā (???). Loyal, smart, strong and courageous. Élena’s fiancée. Royalty? Odd face scar? Not much is known about her so far.


28 years old. 170cm. Virgo. Comes from Kreñvlec’h Mor (wherever or whatever that is). Kind, determined, and appears to be a.. scholar of some sorts. Maëwenn’s fiancée. Princess? Not much is known about her so far.

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I’m really excited to read this!


the chaotic energy of a Leo / Aries romance ….. you’re braver than the US marines